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BSL have been delivering gas mixing solutions to the industrial gases community since 1990. In this time we have improved and perfected our equipment to make the process easier for you.

So if you are using, delivering, generating or installing industrial gas and Gas Mixer systems, we have an excellent solution for you! If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, we will design and build it for you using our proven core products and engineering know how.

We have equipment solutions of Gas Mixing Valves, Gas Flow Control Valves, Gas Mixing Panels and systems, Gas Analysis, Gas Filtration and Gas Safety and Gas Management Systems.

Less known, for obvious reasons, are the customer specific private branded designs we provide and also our Equipment Refurbishment programs. We sell components from our own stocks for quick deliveries purchased from good quality sources with cost effective machined components. Since we are buying them for ourselves as well, as part of our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, all goods are inspected against defined requirements. We also offer to both calibrate and re-certify equipment for quality assurance purposes. Thus making your working life much easier!

This works out well for us, and our customers as one of our aims is to produce extremely hard-wearing, reliable equipment, that requires very little attention once installed. You can be secure in the knowledge that you are buying quality when you buy from BSL!

Qualifications & Awards

EcoVardis Silver Rating 2018

EcoVardis Silver Rating 2018

We achieved the EcoVardis Silver Award in 2018.

The awards are a CSR recognition program based upon percentile ranking of EcoVardis score.

The score reflects the quality of a company’s CSR management system at the time the assessment was conducted.
A Silver rating is between 46 & 61.
Silver is awarded to approximately the Top 30%.

So what is a CSR management system?

It is a form of Corporate Social Responsibility integrated into a business model.
CSR policy functions as a self-regulatory mechanism whereby a business monitors and ensures it’s active compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and national or international norms.

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ISO 9001:2015 BSI & UKAS

ISO 9001:2015 BSI & UKAS

BSL operates a Quality Management System that is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

We have this certification for the scope of:

  • Design
  • Development
  • Refurbishment & supply of industrial gas blending systems
  • Flow control equipment
  • Air separation systems
  • For beverage, food, manufacturing & associated industries.

Our certificate number FM46063

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BCGA (British Compressed Gases Association)

BCGA is a not-for-profit trade association, representing the interests of 80+ member companies, which we do through dialogue with relevant Government Departments and Agencies, Standards Organisations and other Trade Associations.

BCGA’s Mission is to ensure safety in the use, storage, transportation and handling of industrial, food and medical gases, which we do in part through our many respected publications.

A condition of BCGA membership is to comply with and uphold the standards and practices approved within BCGA publications.

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BFBi (Brewing, Food & Beverage Industry Suppliers Association)

BFBi is an association that enables its members to act together in all matters appertaining to their trade or professional interests.

Some of the aims the BFBi have are;

To form a centre for obtaining and diffusing information generally to meet the technical aspirations and social requirements of persons engaged in, interested in or connected with that industry sector.

To also maintain the vital link between the many and various trades and services supplying the Brewing, Food and Beverage Industries.

To monitor and support the special interest groups within the various trades, through specific trade committees, exhibitions, conferences and seminars.

To continue to develop the association whereby customers can rely on a quality of service and product being provided by member companies and to create the situation whereby membership of the association will offer priority consideration when customers are sourcing their requirements.

To promote inter-trading between member companies.

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Agents, Representatives & Installers

BSL have had the pleasure to work with and for an amazing group of very helpful and knowledgeable people. Specialists from the various Industries that we have served, specialists from the Worlds Industrial gases community, experts in dealing with installation of equipment and specialist companies using our components in the systems they themselves build.

We have people that represent us and use our equipment across the globe. We cannot list everyone we work with of course for confidential and legal reasons.

If you let us know what application you require and where you are, we can find you the closest agent, representative or installer for your convenience.

McDantim Inc (North & South America)
McDantim Inc

BSL and McDantim Inc, have been under common ownership and have been cooperatively designing and manufacturing gas mixers and related equipment together since 1990. This synergistic collaboration has resulted in many unique and innovative products for the beverage, food and welding related industries, expanding into heat treatment, fiber optics, and laboratory uses, that have improved the way these industries operate.

The fact that our two companies are based on two continents give us a wider range of resources and ways to find solutions for our customers. This gives us both advantages that few companies, large or small, can match!

Contact McDantim Inc:

750 Shephard Way, Helena, MT 59601

Toll Free Tel: (888) 735-5607

Local Tel: (406) 442-5153

Fax: (406) 442-5154

McDantim Holidays:

2020 - 1 Jan / 20 Jan / 17 Feb / 25 May / 3 & 4 July / 7 Sept / 12 Oct / 11 Nov / 26 Nov / 24 & 25 Dec

A-GES (China)

BSL and A-GES have been working together for 10+ years now. This great working relationship has given both companies expert knowledge and experience in the industrial industries.

BSL are grateful to have such a good representative in China.

So if you are a customer in China, please contact Spencer Cai at A-GES via the below:

Suzhou Advanced Gas Engineering Services Co. Ltd (A-GES)

Unit 16011, Zhongxiang Chuangshiji Tower,

666 Xiangcheng Avenue, Suzhou, P.R.China 215131

Tel: +86-66185789

BSL Team

Environmental Policy

BSL operate a quality management system accredited to ISO 9001:2015, for the design, manufacture and refurbishment and supply of industrial gas mixing systems, gas flow control equipment and air separation systems for the beverage, food, manufacturing and associated industries.

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