Beer Dispensing

Mixed Gas and Beer go hand in hand

For the brewer and the seller, dispensing beer using mixed gas has proven to be a valuable tool. Especially in presenting beer perfectly and consistently. For the brewer and the seller, mixed gas helps to deliver the beer as expected and is an important part of the overall brand image.

For the consumers, receiving the product as expected and having the exact drinking experience they have paid for is very important. You want a product that is advertised and delivered with those expectations in mind. Mixed gas helps to provide that consistency from the moment the beer is first presented to the moment it is finished. Therefore making the consumer contemplate having another.

For the seller, pub landlords and managers there are other advantages too. Using the correct mixed gas can reduce all of the waste. Wasted gas and beer in the form of excessive foaming when it is stored and then poured. By controlling the conditions around the storage and dispensing of the beer you can give the presentation required and for the perfect dispense with little waste. These conditions include; the mixed gas that is used, the temperature it is stored at and selecting the correct dispense pressure.

You will be surprised at how much money the waste elements amount to over time!

More than enough to get a quick payback on a gas mixer system.

Mixed gas is of course available in cylinder supplies. However using 100% CO2 and 100% N2 and a gas mixer is much more economic than buying mixed gas in cylinders. A BSL Beer Dispense Gas Mixer delivers the quality and repeat-ability. It is also the cheapest way to get your mixed gas even in a very short space of time.

You can have any mix you feel you need from one of our Cellar-Mix Panels. A common mix to give you an idea are 30% CO2 in N2 for lagers. It varies of course and BSL have available calculations and data to help you select your mix.

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