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Oxygen Mass Flow Control Valve – 08/10/2020

We are proud to announce a brand-new addition to our MFCV family!

In our existing range there are various sizes such as 30, 500, 1600 and 5000 ltr/min @ 14 bar g. These are commonly used for gases such as CO2, N2, Ar, He, H2 and clean dry air but now we have added O2 to that list!

We have had increasing interest and requests for oxygen versions of our popular MFCV’s. So, in response, we are pleased to announce our new BO396 which is now compatible with oxygen! It provides 1600 ltr/min @ 14 bar g (1100 ltr/min @ 7 bar g) and has a built-in needle valve so you can adjust the flow rate. It is fully pressure mechanical and can be mounted to a panel or supported in pipework.

Our MFCV’s are a mechanical valve that is very good at maintaining the flow through with a constant supply gas pressure but varying downstream pressure. It is suitable for anywhere that you need to maintain that flow, given the downstream pressure is changing, filling a buffer tank for example.

This overcomes the fundamental problem of using a simple orifice flow device. With a simple orifice, the flow of a given gas through it will change as the pressures to and from it change. Or as the differential pressure across it changes.

The BSL Mass Flow Control Valves are part of a great solution to deal with this. As you may know we have an established family range of valves for inert gases and hydrogen.

Examples for applications where controlling flow in this way is very useful are gas generators, tank blanketing, gas mixing and anywhere the downstream pressure fluctuates greatly.

The NEW BO396 designed for oxygen use is available now along with our existing range of valves! They also have an improved warranty of 7 years as these have proven to be reliable and hard-wearing.

If you have an application that needs greater flow control of gases with downstream pressure fluctuation, for more details email us.

Twin Mix GMB – 26/11/2020

The Gas-Mix GMB family of gas mixers has proven to be a very popular design for a number of applications and has been available for 2 gas pre-set mixtures of all the common gas combinations.

Responding to an enquiry from one of our longest standing customers of 25 years, our engineering team have taken the standard design and made it twice as useful for them and for you of course.

Added to the family is the Gas Mix GMB ‘dual’ pre-set outlet gas mixer. The dual outlet means that your customers can select one of two pre-determined mixtures to perform their application with, from a single mixing panel.

Two pre-set Gas Mixers in one unit!

For example, you may be a small food packing company that needs a 30% CO2 in N2 gas mixture, but they have customers that prefer 40% CO2 in N2. The Gas Mix GMB dual mix will allow them to select between the pre-set mixtures as and when they need to. Both mixtures will be calibrated and certified using known high specification certified calibration gases.

Of course, the great thing about certified calibrated pre-set units is they are a known standard and cannot be altered accidentally by unknowing plant operators. It gives them some choice, but you still maintain control over the final gas mixture.

If your customer does want fully adjustable systems, then we have those available too, but the dual mix system maintains control by providing flexibility but limited to your absolute needs.

Particularly for small users of gases, it provides the opportunity to keep costs down by purchasing pure gases in cylinders or bulk liquid storage and having the capability to work between mixtures for different products.

The customer will be confident the panels are calibrated to BS EN ISO 14175;2008 standards of mixed gas accuracy, and able to switch between mixtures in complete confidence. Switching between the mixtures could not be easier either; there is a simple mechanical selector valve on the front of the panel, clearly labelled.

If you are a small user or supply small users of gases that need a little more control but not too much, let us know what your application is and we will happily provide the details of the Gas Mix GMB twin mix system to you. You can email us here.

FWX – 04/01/2021

We have been making our FW Gas Mixing Panels for over 15 years now. They have proven to be very popular with a lot of our customers. They deliver exactly what we say, reliably.

We Listened when our customers made suggestions of how to improve installations and site work. We looked at reducing the time that engineers were on site and what equipment would benefit our customers.

We introduced a simple effective system called the FWX assembly which consists of: A floor stand and correctly specified gas filters with additional options including Leak Detectors and relief valves. These were designed to go with our FW Gas Mixing panels and help to consolidate equipment into a neat package. As it is floor standing there is no need to drill holes in the walls. This set-up can be mounted outside as well!

With all the benefits of the original pressure mechanical design that everyone likes (no electrics, no buffer tanks) added to greatly reducing installation time on site. It is a great package for many industries!

Perfect for integrating into your existing process and easy dismounting for when you have equipment re-calibrated. We have a rental program available, so you do not have to be without a Gas Mixer while yours is being calibrated. Ask us for more details!

Service Exchange & Rentals – 25/02/2021

Service– As with all gas installation equipment, periodical servicing, replacement of parts or calibration is required to keep the systems in top condition. The BSL Gas Mixing systems are often overlooked as they consistently supply mixed gas without faults or issues.

Exchange– We have many customers that are now holding stock of calibrated panels that they simply exchange on a yearly basis. They then send the panel they have removed to us for re-calibration.

Our panels are simple to exchange, normally only taking 15 minutes to unscrew 3 or 4 nuts and screws, its as easy as that! Our panels are simple, versatile, easy to maintain and very effective. We can take all the fuss out of your auditing process!

Rental– If you prefer, instead of holding an exchangeable stock of panels, we can rent you one! Our range of panels are readily available upon request. We can set up a date with you to receive the panel with rental over an agreed short period, whilst yours is being calibrated.

Upon return of your newly calibrated panel, you then place the rental panel in the box, ready for collection. It could not be easier than that!

CF5000 – 04/03/2021

The CF5000 package is an extremely versatile Gas Mixing Package, it has been used in a number of ways for a number of different applications.

The package has three key parts. The Gas Mixer, the Gas Analyser, and the stand itself. The first part is the Gas Mixer, which uses the BSL Mass Flow Control Valves to make the mixed gas. These are well suited for this application, not least of all because they have a low pressure drop across them to produce high flows. What this means is that they can supply high flows of mixed gas even when you have some gases coming from other than liquid gas sources.

Nitrogen is increasingly delivered from Nitrogen Generators and this tends to be at pressures less than 10 bar g. The BSL Mass Flow Control Valves are perfect for this type of application.

The Gas Analyser is an optional item to back up the adjustable gas mixer. We have several options. Starting with a simple display and alarms to a more complex display, alarm, and output signals for use with your existing Management Control Systems and software for recording and reporting.

The third part is the very robust stainless-steel stand. It is deliberately made this way so that it can be washed down with cleaning fluids that will not damage it in any way. Those that would benefit the most are therefore food and beverage factories, where everything must be cleaned down periodically. The stainless-steel stand will cope with all the usual cleaning fluids.

In one particular Brewery, this package has been used in a number of areas of the plant. It has been used to feed the Keg Racking Area. Another unit has been used for blanketing the storage vessels. And outside of the factory another unit has been used to create the mixed gas to fill gas cylinders of beverage dispense gases reliably and accurately. Very versatile…

BSL operate a quality management system accredited to ISO 9001:2015, for the design, manufacture and refurbishment and supply of industrial gas mixing systems, gas flow control equipment and air separation systems for the beverage, food, manufacturing and associated industries.

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