GasHub Nitrogen Generator

Large Pub?

Renting drink dispensing units?

Do they need fixing regularly?

Do you have issues with the quality of mixed gases?

We have the solution! The BSL GasHub is a Nitrogen Generator, Gas Mixer and Air Compressor all in one…


The GasHub can generate 15.7 litres of Nitrogen per cycle. This means it can continuously supply 10 litres of Nitrogen per minute, which equates to a pouring rate of 6.5 pints per minute.

The Nitrogen purity is up to 99.8% and is 40% more efficient than existing Nitrogen generation systems.

The GasHub alternates between 3 air compressors meaning lower operating pressure. This also means less demand on the air compressors, therefore extending the life of each of them.

There is a back-up procedure that can be easily implemented with no impact on the pub or sales.

Beer/Gas pumps can run off of compressed air rather than the Nitrogen which reduces costs. You also won’t have to worry about oxygen depletion in the cellar through pumps exhausting Nitrogen into the confined cellar space.

The GasHub saves on space too as it is a contained unit. This is because you will no longer need space for a separate Gas Mixing unit, cylinders and air compressors.

Mixed Gas Production for Beer Dispense:

30% CO2 / 70% N2

60% CO2 / 40% N2

100% CO2 for Soft Drinks


  • Nitrogen generator, air compressor and gas mixer in one.
  • Use to dispense Beer and Soft Drinks.
  • Mixed gas production – 30% CO2 / 70% N2, 60% CO2 / 40% N2 or 100% CO2.
  • 10 litres per minute of 99.8 % pure Nitrogen.
  • 16 litres per minute of compressed air.
  • Multiple air compressors.
  • Contained unit.
  • Back-up function in case of an air compressor failure.


  • Can dispense 6 pints per minute. (Depending on gas driving pressure and beer flow rate.)
  • 40% more efficient than existing Nitrogen generation systems.
  • Very robust design.
  • Accurate mixing of gases.
  • Simple installation.
  • Space saver.
  • Longer compressor life.
  • Back-up function so no impact on the pub or sales.