Leak Detectors

We have an excellent Leak Detector available for detecting, quantifying and locating leaks.


Wasting money on leaking gas? We have the solution!

Our Leak Detectors are great for detecting, quantifying and locating leaks.

In some applications this is easier than others but also in some applications it is critical. For example where you have a Nitrogen generator, generating N2 gas to be used in Mixed Gas dispense. The Nitrogen is generated at sometimes only a few litres per minute. To lose more than 1 litre per minute of that gas will cause all sorts of problems. E.g. the publican will not have the gas they need for dispensing beer! Plus the generator will be working much harder than necessary. Our simple in-line leak detector is excellent for the purpose of highlighting a leak and giving an idea of the size of it.

Stop leaking money now!

For larger gas installations leaks will cause different problems; even small leaks can cost a lot of money over time. The trouble with very large installations is that the leak or combination of leaks may be difficult to find. This is given the complexity and route taken by the gas feed pipework. Some installations we have monitored are losing more than 20% of all of their gases. Our ranges of industrial in-line leak detectors are a simple, visual and mechanical method to help locate leaks.

BSL produce custom built Smart Gas Management Systems to allow the largest users to quantify, locate and fix leaks in their systems.