Wall Mounted Gas Analyser (display only)

Wall mounted Gas Analysers for measuring: 0-25% CO2 in Air / 0-100% CO2 in N2 / 0-25% O2 in N2


These are self-contained units for monitoring gas systems with 0-25% CO2 in Argon, 0-100% CO2 in Nitrogen and 0-25% O2 in Nitrogen composition respectively. Gas composition is monitored continuously and updated to an LCD screen on the front of the analyser. You can also programme high and low alarms, calibrate and set other parameters with ease. A simple but effective unit and system. As this unit can be wall mounted, it frees up available space. These gas analysers are durable, reliable and need little attention once installed.

BA333 Gas Analyser – 0-25% CO2 in Air

BA559 Gas Analyser – 0-100% CO2 in N2

BA678 Gas Analyser – 0-25% O2 in N2



  • Wall mounted.
  • LCD display.
  • Analyses CO2 in Air / CO2 in N2 / O2 in N2
  • Out of tolerance alarms, visual and audible.
  • Optional repeater alarm unit.
  • Simple calibration.
  • Steel case.


  • Provide a gas composition display.
  • Very reliable and stable measuring device.
  • Improved control over quality of the gas supply process.
  • Extra warning for process / production supervisor.
  • Easy to install and use.

Product Data Sheet

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