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Spare Parts

Peace of mind when you need it!

Our aim is to be responsive! That is that we want to be able to respond quickly when a customer needs a part. We also aim to deliver those parts as soon as possible.

A consequence of that is we have a large stock of components and parts we use to build our gas mixers etc. This makes us fast and reliable at supplying spare components to you! So, if you have our gas mixers that may need a little attention (for example: one or two parts changed) feel free to contact us. A serial number, panel type and/or a photo through email is normally all we need to identify the right component(s) for you.

Many of our customers have high expectations regarding quality. They will themselves have to prove certain standards and will have customers that require proof of what they are doing. Food producers, for example, need to be able to prove what their equipment is doing, and a certificate helps greatly with that.

Therefore, we are being asked more and more to make site visits, check/calibrate, and produce proof of this. So, if you have some of our gas mixing equipment and no-one has looked at it for a while, contact us!

Spare parts

BSL operate a quality management system accredited to ISO 9001:2015, for the design, manufacture and refurbishment and supply of industrial gas mixing systems, gas flow control equipment and air separation systems for the beverage, food, manufacturing and associated industries.