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Welding & Manufacturing

Engineering great things with Mixed Gas

Mixed gases are invaluable to Welding and Manufacturing. The correct gas mix ratio can greatly improve the quality of the manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing processes generally require higher flow mixed gas. So, in most cases the gases themselves are delivered in bulk as liquid supplies. It is common to have bulk delivery of one gas and maybe a multi-cylinder pack of another. This is especially true if it represents a small part of the final mix. However, in either case, a Gas Mixer of some kind will provide the final mix that the customer needs.

BSL have been supplying Gas Mixers and Gas Analysers to the industrial Gas Mixing Applications for many years.

With many of our solutions we try to help everyone in the process to install the most appropriate system or gas mixer as possible. We try to take the mystery out of Gas Mixing, and this keeps things simple. With that in mind, it means we try not to over-complicate the solution and reduce the overall cost of ownership.

In particular, we try to remove electrical contents where possible and equally to remove the need for buffer tanks after the Gas Mixer.

By removing the need for electronics and the buffer tank, we have a simple solution that is already set and ready to go. The gas mixer is certified at the point that it leaves our factory. Installation should be a very simple job, but we are here to help our customers as and when they need it. The gas mixer itself remains very easy to look after throughout its life cycle.

Also, without the need for electrics and buffer tank, the cost to look after the equipment is lower and of course there are no solenoid valves to fail on you over time.

We satisfy many of our customers’ requirements with pre-set gas mixers, although adjustable versions are available too. We have standard modules up to 250 and 300 nm3/hr for many applications, although our range includes systems up to 1000 nm3/hr.

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*Below are some examples of gas mixes that can be used*

Welding steel chart
Welding steel chart v3
Welding steel chart v2

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Mobile Welding

Our MW Gas mixers are mobile enough to go anywhere you need it to be! That’s why it’s great for structural steel welding. It can be arranged into a high flow welding station with the use of pure liquid gas cylinders mounted on a mobile skid unit (usually the size of a pallet).

This one gas mixer can supply up to 50 welders. It allows you to have one pre-set mixed gas outlet and a pure gas outlet. Our equipment doesn’t require a buffer tank either, saving on space.

You can also save money on your gas cylinders as we recommend using pure liquid gas cylinders as you get more gas for your money. The mobile skid unit allows you to get large volumes of mixed gas to where you need it, more economically and safely.

Have you ever needed shielding gases on site, but permanent tanks weren’t viable?

This panel comes equipped with an audible alarm in case of mixed gas low pressure. You have a choice of running the alarm internally or externally.

Internally, a battery can be fitted to run the alarm system. Or you could run it off an external power supply to a remote alarm repeater, if you wanted.

The MW Gas Mixer has pressure relief valves fitted to the inlets and outlets to give your process the highest protection. It also has sample points for gas analysis. The flexi hosing offers durability while traveling around site. And because this gas mixing panel is designed to be outside, it has some weatherproofing to protect the electrical parts.

The MW Gas Mixer uses our proven mechanical gas mixing technology as its basis in union with our engineering know how, to give you the best solution.

BSL operate a quality management system accredited to ISO 9001:2015, for the design, manufacture and refurbishment and supply of industrial gas mixing systems, gas flow control equipment and air separation systems for the beverage, food, manufacturing and associated industries.