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Welding & Manufacturing

Engineering great things with Mixed Gas

Mixed gases play a vital role in Welding and Manufacturing, and the correct ratio can have a hugely positive impact on the quality of your manufacturing process.

Manufacturing processes often demand higher flows of mixed gases. As a result, these gases are commonly delivered in bulk as liquid supplies. Typically, one gas is delivered in bulk, while another might come in a multi-cylinder pack, particularly if it’s a minor component of the final mixture. In both scenarios, our Gas Mixers ensure the precise blend required by the customer.

For many years, BSL has been a trusted supplier of Gas Mixers and Gas Analysers for industrial Gas Mixing Applications. 

Our customer-centric approach focuses on providing the best-fit solutions for each stage of the process, making installation effortless. With simplicity and cost-effectiveness at the core of our service, our goal is to streamline our solutions and reduce the overall cost of ownership. You could say we aim to take the mystery out of Gas Mixing! 

Our focus is on reducing electrical components wherever feasible and eliminating the necessity for buffer tanks post-Gas Mixer.

We understand the value of simplicity and practicality. That’s why we’ve crafted solutions that reduce the need for unnecessary electrical components and buffer tanks. By eliminating the need for these components, we are able to streamline our solutions, giving you systems that are ready to roll straight out of our factory. Alongside this, every piece of gas mixing equipment that leaves our headquarters comes pre-certified for its required calibration settings, ensuring your peace of mind.

In addition to the hassle-free operation, you’ll find that the cost of maintenance is lower without the need for electrics and buffer tanks. Plus – you can rest your concerns over solenoid valves failing over time!

Our approach is all about making your life easier. While we offer pre-set gas mixers for convenience, we also provide adjustable versions for versatility. You’ll find standard modules catering to various applications, ranging from 250 and 300 nm3/hr to 1000 nm3/hr.

*Below are some examples of gas mixes that can be used*

Welding steel chart
Welding steel chart v3
Welding steel chart v2

Mobile Welding

Our MW Gas mixers are a super-versatile solution for on-the-go welding. Ideal for structural steel welding, our solution transforms into a high-flow welding station effortlessly. Whether it’s a bustling construction site or a remote project location, our mobile gas mixers offer flexibility and efficiency, mounted on a mobile skid unit (usually the size of a pallet).

This one gas mixer can supply up to 50 welders, allowing them to have one pre-set mixed gas outlet and one pure gas outlet. The absence of buffer tanks enables you to save on space, and if you’re looking to save on cash, too, simply switch to using pure liquid gas cylinders! Our mobile skid unit allows users to transport huge volumes of mixed gas to precisely where it is needed, both economically and safely.

Have you ever needed shielding gases on site, but permanent tanks weren’t viable?

In the event of low mixed gas pressure, our welding panels come equipped with an audible alarm and the choice of running it internally or externally; internally, a battery will be fitted to run the alarm system, allowing it to run it off an external power supply to a remote alarm repeater if desired.

The MW Gas Mixer also has pressure relief valves fitted to the inlets and outlets to ensure the highest protection. Complete with sample points for gas analysis, the flexi hosing offers durability while travelling around site. And because this gas mixing panel is designed to be outside, its electrical components come complete with weatherproofing. At the heart of our MW Gas Mixer, our proven mechanical gas mixing technology works hand-in-hand with our engineering know-how, providing you with the best solution possible.